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This section will contain pages for player resources, offsite interviews, and featured media such as animated battle maps and History Channel-like profiles of New Conglomerate commanders and the battles they have fought.

Future of Planetside Community Ideas Index

Compiled from requests made by players in the Future of Planetside thread on the Official Forums, as well as from other requests made over the years, this list contains a general breakdown of player desires for the game.

Poll Discussion: Short-Term Feedback Projects:

As a result of the Future of Planetside thread, the developers listed several possible developments for the game and posted a poll for players to choose among them.

My comments: 10-14-2005

Poll Discussion: Long-Term Feedback Projects:

My comments: 10-17-2005

Planetside-Idealab Timeline

This page features a timeline of Idealab's genesis and development since 2003.

Planetside Sounds Index

This page features a reference list for the Planetside sound file, 3dsounds.mp3, (file found in your Planetside Directory.

Planeside Request Tracker

Stay tuned while we bring this list up to date with all the latest fufulled wishes and new requests.

Floated Planetside-Discussion Forum Topics

Current list of topics I've floated over the years. Might move this to Featured Posts later.



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