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Compilation of Community Requests

  • This list was created as a running index of the Community's requests for Planetside and quotes of Dev responses.
  • Also Check out Fr1day's request database at!  Contains sortable request catagories and commentaries on each entry. You can also make submissions and suggest corrections or changes. To discuss the site with Fr1day, go to this thread.

In Game Live
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Potential Additions
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- - Requests: In Game LIVE!

(will be updated as requests come to fruition)

Gameplay Requests Live

  • Vehicle Ques (remember there was a time without this)
    • "your purchasing request enters a "queue" if there are other players in line ahead of you. All you have to do is stay near the vehicle pad and when your turn arrives you will instantly transport to the driver's seat, as normal. (06-11-2003)
  • Hotspot Improvements
    • June 2003 update: "Hotspots will be scaled to the size of the fight occurring, and will be refreshed much more often so that the info is accurate when you arrive." (06-20-2003)
    • July 2003 update: "The Hotspot threshold has been decreased. Six people involved in a battle will generate a Hotspot. Hotspots will also last longer." (07-20-2003)
  • Allow respawns at hacked bases
    • Smokejumper: "To aid the defense a bit, they will soon be able to respawn at hacked facilities." (06-20-2003)
  • More features for Command Rank
    • Smokejumper: "The Orbital Strike, EMP Blast and See All Enemies/Friendlies are now functioning on the Command Uplink Device." (06-20-2003)
  • Improve Base Turrets
    • Phalanx Wall tower firepower increased
    • "Phalanx Wall Turrets now have a great upward pivot, allowing them to more easily targeting incoming aircraft."  (03-15-2004)
  • Customizable bandwidth settings  (06-11-2003)
  • Planetside Test Server (July 2, 2003)
  • Downloadable Planetside
  • PING monitor
    • "Performance monitor can be toggled pressing Shift and the period key. This will allow you to view your framerate and ping times and packet loss." (07-20-2003)
  • Motion Sensors showing on Radar Map
  • Stop Bases going Neutral!
    • "Respawning at a facility will no longer drain NTU's from the facility's silo." (08-21-2003)
  • Base Warnings
    • "The Enemy Density Warning System has been implemented. When a large number of enemy units invades a facility's SOI, all friendly troops on the continent will receive a message alerting them to the buildup." (08-21-2003)
  • Reason to Defend Bases
    • "Facility Link Benefits have been implemented."  (09-12-2003)
    • Repair Silos added to game. Towers and linked landing pads repair aircraft. Shields, radar, and respawn enhancements. (09-12-2003)
    • Installed module benefits propagate through Lattice Links like Facility Link Benefits. (11-12-2003)
  • Mine placement
    • "Placing multiple mines on the same Z axis is now possible and will not auto deconstruct." (09-19-2003)
  • Where is that fire coming from?
    • "Enemy missiles now appear on Radar." (09-19-2003)
  • Can we have more room in the Favorites labels?
    • "Equipmet Terminal Favorites labels are no longer limited to 10 characters." (09-19-2003)
  • Platoons (we got it and we love it) (10-16-2003)
  • More gameplay variety
    • Introduction of Lattice Lines (prevents annoying backhacks)
    • Lattice Logic Unit mode of play enabled  (08-14-2003)
    • Introduction of Facility Link Benefits  (09-12-2003)
    • Core Combat released with new regions, vehicles, and weapons (10-2003)
    • Core Combat introduces modules to Planetside warfare (10-2003)
    • Core Combat enhancements: Cavern locks, 10-min timers, module lifetime to 28 hrs, equipment terminals in spawn redoubts (03-15-2004)
    • Capital buildings, Defense dome, and Continent Dominion  (03-15-2004)
  • Generators going down too fast
    • "Generators will no longer take excessive aggravated damage from plasma grenades." (12-05-2003)
  • HART timer too long (some said too short Remember when it was only 1 min or so? Wow! Fun while it lasted)
    • "The HART timer has been changed to five minutes." (12-05-2003)
  • Take a look at game balance please
    • Balance Pass enabled (10-16-2003)
  • Server Merge (12-05-2003)
  • Players blocking the AMS Spawn Tubes! I can't get out!
    • "Players will now respawn at a location somewhere inside the AMS cloak bubble, rather than in the spawn tubes." (12-10-2003)
  • Enemy pop-locking cont so we can't defend
    • "The Empire Population Cap has been reduced so an equal number of players from each Empire can be on a continent at once. The over population cap is unchanged." (02-06-2004)
  • Need better way of knowing tube is down
    • "Destroyed Spawn Tubes and Ancient Sentry Turrets will have a "destroyed" graphic to help players know their status." (02-06-2004)
  • I can't see Radiator bubbles to avoid them
    • "Radiator clouds are now visible."  (02-06-2004)
  • Let us decide on using Animation Culling or not.
    • "Animation culling can now be toggled through the video options interface."  (02-06-2004)
  • Can I have the option for my radar rotate with me as I turn?
    • "There now is a "Rotate Radar" option in the "Game Options" area that allows the Radar view to rotate with the player."  (02-06-2004)
  • Overall Game Balance Improvements (aka Player Response Updates)
    • "The PlanetSide Development Team has been lurking the official forums and other feedback channels, watching for what players are looking for to help balance the battlegrounds and improve the overall flow of the war for Auraxis."  (02-18-2004)
      • "Ammo boxes" for AT weapons and vehicles
      • Weapon clip size increases
      • Ammo box size increases
      • Mine Damage increase
      • MAX armor changes
      • Implant stamina changes
        • "Stamina drain from the Range Magnifier and Enhanced Targeting implants has been removed."
      • Vehicle handling improvements
    • Sporkfire: Patch 2.10.14 "The Skyguard now carries four boxes of flak ammo and 2 boxes of 12mm ammo. " (09-23-2004)
    • Sporkfire: Patch 2.10.14 "Dead avatars will no longer block projectiles." (09-23-2004)
  • Grenade Improvements
    • "Hand Grenades will now come in clips of three, though they will require the same amount of inventory space as before. i.e. A clip of three grenades will take up the 2x2 inventory space that a single grenade consumed before."  (03-15-2004)
  • More Color-customization
    • Color customization of chat text
  • More immersive lore (Newsletter with Game Fiction)
    • Sporkfire: "This will become at least a monthly feature, with periodic additional updates to fit other happenings on Auraxis.
  • Auto-reload function
    • Sporkfire: "Players will have the option to automatically reload their weapon when it runs out of ammo."  (04-21-2004)

  • Tower SOI visible on map

    • Sporkfire: "Tower SOIs will show up at all zoom levels on the continent map."  (05-27-2004)

  • Want to see which way vehicle is pointing/which way my gunner is looking
    • Sporkfire: "Vehicle HUD improvements, so pilots and gunner may see each other's viewing direction."  (05-27-2004)
  • Empire Incentives and Population control improvements
    • Sporkfire: "Empire Incentives are in design. These will be intended to add influence to the benefits for fighting on the side of an underpopulated Empire."
    • Sporkfire: "Empire Incentives are being improved. These have been described in the In Development Forum."  (05-27-2004)
    • CriticalMass/Sporkfire: Upcoming balance pass. Looking to improve empire incentives, fix the empire-need indicators. Balance pass will focus on analysing and improving certain aspects of underdog empires to make people want to go back. We are discussing [the idea to increase spawn for over-pop empire] but haven't made any decisions yet. Sounds like a good idea but we'd need to make sure there aren't any holes in it. (Ask the Devs, June)
  • Want to see how many players on each continent
    • Sporkfire: "Relative Population Indicators will allow players to see the population distribution of the three Empires across the world. Players will be able to view what percentage of an Empire is on a given continent." (05-27-2004)
  • Map Grid for easier reference

    • Sporkfire: "The Map screen will now feature an overlay grid, dividing the map into sectors that can be easily identified and communicated. A soldier's grid location will be shown in the proximity radar."  (06-01-2004) Sporkfire: "Each squad member's grid loc will be displayed in the squad display beneath their name (so, you see squad member number, name, health, armor, and Grid Loc for each squad/platoon member)" (06-08-2004)
    • Patch 2.8 goes live (07-06-2004)
  • Private/Customizable Chat channels (filters, permissions, splitting windows, etc)
    • Sporkfire: "Players will have the ability to spawn multiple chat windows, where they can send different channels to. For example, a player could create a new window that all broadcast chat would be sent to." (06-01-2004)
    • Patch 2.8 goes live (07-06-2004)
  •  Improve performance, FPS, etc.
    • Sporkfire: "We have made some performance optimizations by reducing the client's reliance on the system page file in lower memory machines." (06-21-2004)
    • Patch 2.8 goes live (07-06-2004)
    • Sporkfire: "In the 2.9 update, there will be a new performance feature called Adaptive LOD. This feature will allow you to set a target framerate that you would like your system to run at consistently and scale the graphics quality to attempt to meet that target." (07-23-2004)
    • Sporkfire: "Patch 2.9.5. Implemented an option called Adaptive LOD. When enabled this option allows the game to switch to lower LOD objects closer to the camera.  This is only done when the current framerate is below the target framerate. This is available through the Graphics Options UI. Implemented a Cull Animations option. When enabled, this option allows the game to update animations less frequently for characters that are farther away.  This is done regardless of framerate when enabled. This is available through the Graphics Options UI. " (08-02-2004)
  •  Will we ever see Home Continents again (to bring back something that we can claim as our own to defend)?
    • Smokejumper: "Certainly not in their old form and that is all I want to say right now." (AGN: Ask the Devs, April)
    • This is in reference to the May 20th announcement of Battle Islands coming in patch 2.9 (AGN: Ask the Devs)
    • Sporkfire: Going to be a hybrid of old system and current BWG system. One link to home continent BWG-current battle continents, Rest will exist as BWG. (Ask the Devs, June)
    • Sporkfire: "Warpgates now work on a hybrid system, with one warpgate on each sanctuary, permanently connecting to one home continent and Broadcast warpgates connecting to others across the world." (08-12-2004)
  • More/Improved battlefields to fight over
    • Sporkfire: "Three new Battle Island continents are in development." (06-01-2004)
    • Sporkfire: "Battle Islands are now Live. For more information, click here." (08-16-2004)
  • Lower Medium Assault damage degredation to allow for longer-ranged fights.
    • Sporkfire: Patch 2.9.8. "Damage Degradation on Medium Assault weaponry will now start later in the projectile's path." (08-12-2004)
  • More weather systems/events
    • CriticalMass: Likely that something will happen. You'll have to wait and see. (Ask the Devs, June)
    • Bending event; meteors and earthquakes throughout Auraxis (08-16-2004)
  • Spawncamping sucks!
    • Sporkfire: Patch 2.10.14 "Spawn Room Pain Fields: A minor pain field will be in effect for all enemies who enter a spawn room, whether in a facility, tower or Core building. The pain effect will remain if a facility is hacked, but will be turned off if the generator is destroyed. If a Core Combat Pain Module is installed, its damage will not stack with the low level pain field. Instead, the pain field will begin doing the Module's level of damage." (09-23-2004) 
  • Auto De-construction needs some work

    • Sporkfire: "It remains on the top issues report. However, this list changes weekly, depending on what gets the most discussion and affects the game most severely...It remains on the list, and will eventually see its place in development. But it is not currently in line for the next update. (04-26-2004)

    • Sporkfire: Patch 2.10.14 "Vehicle Deconstruction has been toned down considerably around Vehicle Acquisition Pads. Now, you basically have to be on top of the pad to risk auto deconstruct. (09-23-2004) 
    • Sporkfire: "Vehicle deconstruction distance from vehicle pads has been reduced to make it less aggressive." (10-01-2004)
    • Sporkfire: "Vehicle deconstruction times have been increased to 30 seconds of warning." (10-01-2004)
    • Sporkfire: "Zipline nodes now have a 30 second vehicle deconstruct timer." (10-01-2004)
    • Deconstruction warning appears on your screen instead of just in your chat
  • Chatting while respawning
    • Sporkfire Patch 2.10.14 "Soldiers will now be able to chat while dead. The only two restrictions to this are local and broadcast channels. All other channels, such as squad, platoon and outfit will function. " (09-23-2004)
  • Facility Benefits in Sanctuary: repair silos, amp shields, etc.
    • Sporkfire: "Can't speak for SmokeJumper here, but I consider Amp Station shields to be a lattice-specific benefit that you must own to enjoy, not a default one (which having them in Sanc would imply)"  (04-07-2004)
    • Hayoo: "I agree on the lattice benefits, but I think repair silos at least were mentioned as a possibility on one of the Ask the Devs, so I'll include this here.
    • Sporkfire: "Repair Silos and BFR Buildings work in Sanctuary and Virtual Training." (10-01-2004)
  • More Color customizations
    • Sporkfire: "We have extended the options for defining colors through the UI for greater accessibility and customization. In addition to defining options for chat channels, players may also define different settings for friend and foe recognition." (09-24-2004)
  • Turret improvements
    • Sporkfire: "Increased base turret armor by 50%. Base turrets fire 25% slower when on automatic. Slightly increased base turret rotation speed." (11-03-2004) 
  • More Events
    • Sporkfire: "Planning and development of super-cool, yet top-secret (for now) upcoming event." (09-27-2004)
    • BFR Mayhem Event (10-18-2004)
    • BFR Monolith Event (10-22-2004)
    • Run for the Guns Event (11-27-2004)
  • Can we have joystick support?
    • Sporkfire: "Enhanced Support for joysticks is in development." (06-28-2004)
    • Sporkfire: "In an upcoming release, PlanetSide will support joysticks as a control interface for vehicles and soldiers." (11-15-2004)
    • 3.1.2. Live (11-23-2004)
  • Being Weapons locked also prevents players from using support equipment
    • Sporkfire: "The nanodispenser, BANK, and medical applicator will be usable when a character has weapons locked from Grief." (11-8-2004)
    • 3.1.2. Live (11-23-2004)
  • Queue system for locked continents
    • Sporkfire: "We will be reworking the continental travel systems (warpgates and HART shuttle) so that players who are attempting to enter a population locked continent will be placed in a queue, so that they enter the continent in the order they arrived and are given continual updates regarding their position in the queue. This system gives players information that they can use to decide whether to continue trying to enter a continent of move on to another." (11-16-2004)

    • 3.1.2. Live (11-23-2004)

  • More Battle Ranks
    • Battle Ranks increased to 23

Core Combat Gameplay Requests Live

  • Core Combat enhancements enabled. 
    • Cavern locks, 10-min timers, module lifetime to 28 hrs, equipment terminals in spawn redoubts (03-15-2004)
    Allow Capture CEP/BEP
    • Sporkfire: Patch 2.10.14 "Players will earn experience for capturing cavern buildings." (09-23-2004)
    Cavern SOI
    • Sporkfire:  "Capturable Cavern buildings show SOI’s on the map. (09-20-2004)
    BWG transportation to a cavern
    • Sporkfire: Patch 2.10.14 The Geo Warps will no longer require that an Empire maintains control of a connecting facility to pass through them. (09-23-2004)
    • Sporkfire: Patch 2.10.14 "Empires that control a facility linked to a Geo Warp may now use that surface Geo Warp as a Broadcast Warpgate destination (assuming that the continent is already a valid broadcast destination for that Empire). This functionality only extends to Geowarps on the surface. Players cannot use a BWG to warp to a cavern. (09-23-2004)
  • Allow Mod-carriers onto pop-locked continents
    • Sporkfire: Patch 2.10.14: "Core Combat Module runners will be able to enter a continent through its population lock. This will only affect the runner. Vehicle drivers and occupants sharing a ride with the runner cannot bypass the lock. In a pop-locked situation, the runner must exit the vehicle and run into the geowarp alone."(09-23-2004)

Developer Interaction Requests Live

  • Reveal Dev in-game names
    • Sporkfire: "Smokejumper, as far as I know, actually plays as Smokejumper."  (04-07-2004)
  • Let us fight the Devs (in-game that is)
    • Sporkfire: "A good amount of people have fought with and against SmokeJumper, T-ray and me. And you guys are all better than us" (04-07-2004)
    • T-Ray: "I play everyday. You want to fight? Come get me." (04-07-2004) [Hayoo: oh it's on now! ]
  • More Dev communication (will we ever be satisfied?)
    • Sporkfire: "I really do my best, and always work to improve even more." (04-07-2004)

Cert Requests Live

  • Medic indicators showing fallen comrades
    • "Advanced medics are able see dead people who have not yet released their corpses on the proximity radar when they have a Medical Applicator equipped. Likewise, dead players who have not yet release their corpse can see the position of Advanced Medics who are holding the Medical Applicator." (07-20-2003)
  • External way to identify role of player (hack, repair, heal)
    • "Medic/Engineer/Hacker icons will appear over friendly heads if they are holding the associated tool, i.e. Medical Applicator, BANK, Nano-dispenser, REK." (07-20-2003)
  • I want to access more enemy equipment
    • "Lockers in enemy bases can now be hacked, Certification Terminals in enemy bases can now be hacked, Implant Terminals in enemy bases can now be hacked." (09-12-2003)
  • CE against Vehicles
    • "Combat Engineers can now deploy ACEs near vehicles."  (11-05-2003)
  • Make Rexo worth its 3 points
    • "Reinforced Exosuit now absorbs two more points of damage and has 50 more armor." (02-06-2004)
  • Make infiltrators more competitive (Sensor Shield improvements) (04-21-2004)
  • Armor bars above heads for Engineers
    • Sporkfire: "An armor status bar will be visible over avatars." (04-21-2004)
  • Improve Implants
    • "Silent Run will be renamed Sensor Shield and will block detection from motion sensors, spitfire turrets, and mosquito scans. Players become visible to sensors if they take any damage, fire a weapon, or use an object like a REK." (04-21-2004)
  • Please reduce the rampant Surgile players
    • "Activating the Surge implant will now automatically holster any weapons or equipment that are currently drawn. The implant will automatically deactivate when a weapon is drawn. There will be a small delay after deactivation before the player may fire." (04-21-2004)
  • 1 Point Certs
    • Empire specific tanks have become 1 cert vehicles, requiring the 2-cert Lightning. (10-14-2004)
    • Flails have become 1 cert vehicles, requiring the 1-cert empire specific tank. (10-14-2004)
  • Caverns have become a slaughterhouse for infantry
    • Medium Battle Tanks, Reavers and Sunderers can no longer be purchased in the caverns.  (10-27-2004)
    • BFR’s, Medium Battle Tanks and Reavers can no longer enter the caverns. (10-27-2004)
  • Can we uncert cert bundles like Adv Medic or Combat Engie?
    • Sporkfire: "Players will be able to unlearn Certifications that are pre-requisites for other Certs. When a player does this, that Cert and all dependent certifications will be unlearned, freeing up those certification points so they can be spent immediately. This change will give players many more options for changing their character’s build over shorter periods of time." (11-15-2004)
  • Deployables UI for Combat Engineers
    • Samhayne: While I like it, it is not a snap to implement and again, in the opportunity cost of doing some other stuff (like some of the other improvements that are in 3.1) that benefit everyone, not just CE users. (Stratics Chat, 11-15-2004)
    • Added October, 2005

Vehicle Requests Live

  • Want new aircraft, like bombers
    • Liberator (07-03-2003)
  • New vehicles
    • Skyguard (06-20-2003)
  • Improve the Lightning
    • "The Lightning now sports a 360-degree turret." (07-20-2003)
  • Improve value of ATVs
    • "The Basilisk and the Wraith have been combined into the new 3 point ATV cert." (08-14-2003)
    • "The ATV certification is now 2 cert points." (08-21-2003)
  • Speed up vehicle control
    • "Drivers will gain control of vehicles coming off the creation pad sooner. Air vehicles will move off of the vehicle creation pad quicker." (08-21-2003)
  • Prevent Vehicle Stealing
    • "Vehicle access will no longer be reverted to Empire-wide access when an owner is killed." (08-21-2003)
  • Artillery (Core Combat Ancient Tech vehicle)(10-2003)
  • Laze Pointer(10-2003)
  • Want to transport heavy vehicles
    • Lodestar (such a beautiful thing) (12-05-2003)
  • Vehicle Cert bundles (most notably Galaxy with Lodestar, and Sunderer with Deliverer) (12-05-2003)
  • Remove Tech-Plant restriction for Assault Buggies
    • Done
  • Magrider Driver: "We need breaks!!"
    • "Hover vehicle brakes were modified to allow brakes to function more efficiently. Vehicles affected: Magrider, Thresher, Router, Flail."  (04-21-2004)
  • Vehicle Variants: Customize vehicle weapons
    • Sporkfire: "We are introducing alternate vehicle loadouts, mounting different weaponry to existing vehicles. The first variants include the Fury, a Basilisk variant equipped with a missile launcher, and a set of Empire-specific Deliverer configurations. The current vehicles will remain. These are additions to the arsenal." (05-27-2004)
  • AMS terminals get too crowded
    • Sporkfire: "The AMS is being redesigned. It will now feature two equipment terminals, a matrixing panel and a deconstruction panel. The spawn tubes are being removed, since players now spawn in the cloak bubble, not in the tubes." (05-27-2004)
  • Let us deploy the AMS from inside the vehicle
    • Sporkfire: "...The AMS will retain all of its current functionality, while adding an additional equipment terminal. Also, the AMS is now deployed by the driver from inside." (05-27-2004)
  • Jacking AMS now gives Inf away
    • Sporkfire Patch 2.10.14 "Jacking an AMS will no longer cause it to undeploy itself." (09-23-2004)
  • Mech-type Vehicle. Called Battle Frames, BFR, or Big F***** Robots.
    • Computer Gaming World (Sept 2004): "Standing more than 20 meters tall, these BFRs will be able to turn the tide in battles, and according to [Smokejumper] will finally help the game feel more like a sci-fi than some near-future combat game." (07-16-2004) To learn more, be sure to pick up a copy of CGW.
    • Smokejumper (via CGW article): Here we went with smaller-scale robots that are like heavy battle tanks-only better." (07-16-2004)
    • Sporkfire: "For those just getting here: the CGW article is true but no details until we get with Smoke tomorrow morning." "Beetle, hopefully once we are done with performance optimizations, the BFRs will be right around the corner and not have a significant effect [on fps]." "We are not reinventing the game to be a mech game. They are just another part of the combined arms element."
    • Sporkfire: BFR's are now being tested. For details on BFR Acquisition, check In Development. (09-29-2004)
    • BFRs go LIVE (10-18-2004)
  • Want to see which way vehicle is pointing/which way my gunner is looking
    • Sporkfire: "The Vehicle Direction Indicator shows the direction you are facing, relative to the direction the vehicle is facing. (09-24-2004)
  • Better controls for vehicle passenger permissions
    • Sporkfire: "Vehicles access permissions can now be controlled for each type of mount point (Driver, Gunner, Passenger, Trunk). Galaxy and Lodestar cargo use the passenger access setting." (10-01-2004)
  • Pilots can escape death easily
    • Sporkfire: "We will be changing the way bailing works from damaged aircraft. When a player attempts to bail from a heavily damaged air vehicle, there will be a chance that the bail malfunctions." (11-8-2004) 
      • Patch 3.1.2 Live (11-23-2004)
  • Way to exit ground vehicle without waiting for a complete stop
    • Sporkfire: "Looking at ways to allow bailing rom vehicles at higher rates of speed." (11-8-2004)
    • Sporkfire: "Passengers and Gunners will be able to bail from vehicles moving at any speed, without making the vehicle slow down. Passengers and gunners will always be able to bail from ground vehicles. Malfunctions will only occur with flight vehicles." (11-15-2004)
    • Patch 3.1.2 Live (11-23-2004)
  • Destroying a large enemy vehicle becomes a punishment when friendlies are nearby
    • Sporkfire: "Change to grief points from exploding vehicles. Currently, if a player destroys an enemy vehicle and damages a friendly from the explosion, the player firing will accrue grief. We will be making the change so that the player who destroys the vehicle will not accrue grief for friendlies damaged in the explosion." (11-8-2004)
    • Patch 3.1.2 Live (11-23-2004)
  • Flail camping of close-up targets sucks
    • Sporkfire: "Flail damage has been changed. The flail projectile will do less damage at short ranges, and do more damage as the projectile travels further." (11-23-2004)
  • Allow the ANT to be deployed from the driver's seat
  • Air-to-air aircraft
    • Wasp (Added 2006)


Weapons Requests Live

  • General weapons and equipment improvements
    • Sporkfire: 2.10.14 "Standard Assault Pass: The Repeater and Beamer now do more damage, but have a slightly increased Cone of Fire. The Suppressor does more damage and now has a clip size of 25. The MAG Scatter now how 8 shots to a clip. (09-23-2004)

Rewards Requests Live

  • More stat-tracking
    • Sporkfire: "Design docs are checked in, awaiting web engineering resources." (03-12-2004)
    • Session stats are displayed on the HUD so that players can see their kill/death ratios, the amount of time played, etc.  (05-27-2004)
  • Personal achievements like badges and medals
    • Sporkfire: "Approved for development, but it's a substantial system that will take time."  (04-07-2004)
    • Sporkfire: "Commendations will be awarded to players, based on successfully meeting certain objectives. The system is intended to provide some context to the various actions that players take in the game and award them for hitting certain milestones in the character’s life." - new In Concept feature
    • Sporkfire: "Data tracking is being implemented to begin the tracking process for Merit Commendations. With the first update, no awards will be available, though the data will start being tracked to count toward the first round of commendations when they are released. The shoulder pad will be implemented and the Meritorious Service (one year of playing) commendation will be available. "  (06-01-2004)
    • Patch 2.8 goes live (07-06-2004)
    • Patch 2.9.5 goes live. "The Merit Commendation attachment is now displayed on character avatars." (08-02-2004)
    • Released the exploration commendation, which is awarded for visiting certain areas, located on the nine original battle continents, and learning some history of the War for Auraxis. (11-03-2004)
    • Released the event-video participation commendation, awarded for Devil Dogs contributions in the Bending and BFR recordings. (11-2004)
    • Released the Planetside Mobillization Alpha commendation, awarded for attendance of PSUMA. (11-20-2004)
  • Driver/Gunner shared XP
    • Smokejumper: After patch 2.9 (AGN: Ask the Devs)
    • Sporkfire: Vehicles manned by occupants who are not a part of the same squad will share in the experience point award for killing enemy soldiers. (11-04-2004)
    • Patch 3.1.2 Live! (11-23-2004)
  • Support XP
    • Smokejumper: Designing ways support players can be more obviously rewarded, such as with merit commendations  (AGN: Ask the Devs)

Command Requests Live

  • Squad-management improvements

    • "Squadmates in vehicles now have their names displayed in gold." (08-14-2003)

    • "Squad Leaders will be able to quickly drop a personal waypoint at the location of any squad member by right clicking on their icon in the squad bar." (04-21-2004)

    • Sporkfire: "A new feature is being implemented called Proximity Squad formation. This feature will simplify the squad formation process by sending an invite to un-squadded players within a certain radius of the player who initiates the command." (06-01-2004)

    • Patch 2.8 goes live (07-06-2004)

  • Can we have the LFS flag default to off? Kindof annoying to have to switch it off all the time.

    • Smokejumper: "BTW...we're now adding a toggle setting on the Game Options pane. That option will be "LFS Auto-On" and you can set it to on/off. (It defaults to "on".) Hope that helps. Lots of you requested it. " (06-07-2004)
    • Patch 2.8 goes live (07-06-2004)

Outfit Requests Live

  • See name of Outfit player is recieving invitation from
    • Sporkfire: "Outfit invitations will now display the name of the Outfit you are being invited to, in addition to the name of the person inviting you." (06-07-2004)

Requests: In Development, in Que, in Design, or on Backburner

Gameplay Requests

  • More content (vehicles, weapons, structures, skins, textures, lighting, etc)
    • Sporkfire: "Got some in design right now. Hopefully, we'll see it enter development soon." (04-07-2004)
  • New Base maps
    • Sporkfire: "We are planning a redesign of the Capitol buildings to start with. Hoping for more later. (04-07-2004)
    • Sporkfire: "Bases are being redesigned - more details forthcoming. This project is still in early design and planning." (06-28-2004)
    • Sporkfire: "We're shooting for buildings to be In Testing by about the beginning of August, so it is very much of a stretched month, and live a week or two after." (06-28-2004)
    • Smokejumper: "Although this is all still being concepted out, we *are* working to change the definition of a base somewhat with the new buidlings. "Dispersed" bases, clusters of buildings, and independent free-standing small structures will likely replace the monolithic bases and towers that you have now. So much more to tell you, and we're still figuring some of it out, so I'll wait until later...but this isn't a simple swap-out of the existing buildings. It's better than that." (06-28-2004)
    • Samhayne: We will probably see the Phantasm sooner than we will base redesigns, just because the base stuff is a lot of work... we have to redo a lot about the continents to mash them in. We have some great new systems to put them in, but, unfortunately, they are not very compatable with the current maps, meaning putting them in is no small task and we will not see them in the short term." (Stratics Chat, 10-2004)
  • Orbital Stations
    • Sporkfire: "Someday, we will find a good use for them. All kinds of good ideas flying around for them though."  (04-07-2004)
  • Prevent one-man (or common-grunt) generator ops
    • Sporkfire: "Working on it." (04-07-2004)
  • Tower Silos (possibly running off of NTUs)
    • Smokejumper: Want them in, would be fun, would need some balance changes like maybe a lattice system, some changes to ANTs, etc. So, probably eventually. (AGN: Ask the Devs)
  • Tower Hack Times
  • Remove waypoints blocking my view
    • Sporkfire: "Players will be able to toggle waypoints between 4 states: Fully on, No Arrow, Personal Waypoint only, Off  (03-22-2004
  • Consolidate Sanctuary villas back into one like in Beta
    • Smokejumper: Would like to do once he can take a look at sanctuaries again (AGN: Ask the Devs)
  • More stuff to fight over on continents
  • Make bunkers more useful
    • Probably after patch 2.9 (AGN: Ask the Devs)
  •  Base defense improvements
    • Want back door only hackable from inside.

Core Combat Gameplay Requests

  • ...

Developer Interaction Requests

  • More game documentation/Update site info 
    • Sporkfire: "Whenever somebody points out an outdated section, I'll address it."  (04-07-2004)
  • More videos and trailers
    • Sporkfire: "We can do that." (03-12-2004)
  • More concept art
    • Sporkfire: "I'll see what I can talk T-ray into giving me."  (04-07-2004)
  • Forum profiles won't let us enter our real names if we choose.
    • Hammerfel: "This is a bug. We'll fix it. " (03-22-2004)
    • Hammerfel: "I'm getting these 2 fields and Location added now." (06-14-2004)

Vehicle Requests

  • Galaxy gunship variant (under consideration)
    • Smokejumper: Galaxy gunship in design doc, won't come till after post-BR-20 features (Merit Commendations) (AGN: Ask the Devs)
    • Smokejumper: Galaxy gunship variant = 1 pilot, 3 gunners, no passengers, more trunk space for ammo (AGN: Ask the Devs)
  • Medium air transport
    • Sporkfire: "The Phantasm, a light cloaking air transport, is currently in development." (06-01-2004)
    • Samhayne: "Both are goals on our list of items for live updates (stuff that goes into the game on a regular basis). As for the Phantasm, well, we have some great work being done with Joystick support for our PlanetSide China release that we hope to work into the update with the Phantasm." (Stratics Chat, 10-2004) 
    Additional Vehicle variants, maybe with special features  (e.g. medic sunderer)
    • Sporkfire: We'd like to do something like that, but nothing is planned. (Ask the Devs, June)
    • Samhayne: we have been kicking around some more variants of Mossies/Reavers and will probably bundle it all in to a "Air Update". (Stratics Chat, 10-2004)


Rewards Requests

  • Fame and Glory Screens
  • "In-game screens announcing recent best experience gainers, most kills, best outfits, territory "winners", etc. will all be available in-game so that it's all at-a-glance."
  • Winning the war/a Game goal
    • Smokejumper: In concept discussions on Monthly Campaigns (AGN: Ask the Devs)

Command Requests

  • More command/information options (as Commander's List)
    • Smokejumper: Definately wanted, on plate for later as communications improvements (AGN: Ask the Devs)

Cert Requests

  • Swapping turret barrels
    • Smokejumper: "One of the ideas we've been considering for a long time is giving Engineers (or some advanced form of Engineers) be able to swap out turret barrels. Additionally, we've considered man-portable turret stations that could be erected in the field. Ideas of things to come. Not right away...but we're with ya." Original Thread
  • More certs
    • Counter-Hacking (had future plans for this) (AGN: Ask the Devs)
    • New mines (had ideas for magnetic mines that latched to vehicles) (AGN: Ask the Devs)
      • Anti-personnel-only mines
      • Anti-vehicle-only mines
    • Giving adv medics improvements for reviving players (some Medic-love is scheduled)
      • Smokejumper: Request Revive feature being worked on (AGN: Ask the Devs)

Outfit Requests

  • Outfit Alliances
    • Part of communications improvements Smokejumper wants to do eventually (AGN: Ask the Devs)
  • Outfit Base Ownership
    • Sporkfire: See FAQ (06-16-2004)
  • Outfit Point Expenditures
    • "There will be a lot of ways to spend Outfit Points in the future and those will roll out continuously over time so that Outfits have to decide where they want their points to be spent during combats in the field."
    • Smokejumper: possibly HART-dropped vehicles as one idea (AGN: Ask the Devs)


6-28-2004 - Updating with requests and answers from June's Ask the Devs.
7-06-2004 - Moved Patch 2.8 items from In Development to In Game Live.
7-16-2004 - Added link to Fr1day's Planetside Request Tracker database.
7-18-2004 - Moved request for Mech-type vehicle to In Development.
7-23-2004 - Added LOD feature in development
9-15-2004 - Beginning tedious task of updating list from the past 2 months of changes.
10-3-2004 - Updating list
11-8-2004 - Added BFR and latest improvements to Live. Moved the Not Planned section to the thread below. Updated In Development section.
11-21-2004 - Updated Live and In-Develoment sections
11-26-2004 - Moved latest patch items from In-Development to Live
01-30-2005 - Updating list


Requests: Exploring Possibilities/Under Consideration

Gameplay Requests

  • Trenches dug into geometry -
    • Sporkfire: "We are exploring what kind of map deformations we can reasonably patch in. All I can say at the moment." (03-12-2004)
    • Sporkfire: Working on ways, have couple of ideas, still doing research. If it works, they can patch continents and have 'a good old time' doing that periodically. (AGN: Ask the Devs)
  • Urban Areas (above ground)
    • Sporkfire: "See Trenches."  (04-07-2004)
  • More voice macros 
    • Sporkfire: "We don't have access to most of those actors at this time, so we would either have to re-record or make them simply text macros."  (04-07-2004)
  • One Empire per server but let me keep all my characters
    • Sporkfire: "Show me community-wide support for this and I'll do my best to get it done. I need evidence as ammo before I ever suggest this." (04-07-2004)
    • Sporkfire: Knows the tactically-minded players want this, but not enough people want it. (Ask the Devs, June)
  • Health-bars above Terminals for engineers
    • Smokejumper surprised he didn't have it in yet, putting it down for future inclusion (probably to be seen by Enhanced Targeting users). (AGN: Ask the Devs)
  • Navy/Sea Expansion
    • Sporkfire: "We see the requests for naval combat more than virtually anything else for really expanding gameplay and content. That said, we want to do it someday too, and the idea of Battle Islands gives us the perfect platform to do it on." (06-10-04)
    • Sporkfire: Excited about such an idea. Awful lot of work would have to go into it. Best saved for an expansion. (Ask the Devs, June)
  •  Progress Bars above terminals and IFF doors when hacking. Color-coded REK beams for Hackers and Adv Hackers.
    • Sporkfire: Team likes that idea. Couldn't give a schedule though. (Ask the Devs, June)
  • : Game Events
    • Smokejumper: " Good suggestion on the Calendar of Events. I agree that pre-planning such events would help avoid conflicts with player-constructed events. It prevents "surprise" events...but perhaps that's a good trade-off.
      If you folks end up being flexible on this, then we have lots of places we *could* go with PS and "events"...if you don't mind us messing with your "natural" gameflow. No guarantees on when something like this might happen, of course (after all...we don't have it designed yet), but it's definitely fertile and interesting territory." (07-06-04)
  • Road tunnels
    • Smokejumper: "No convincing is needed. I like the idea also. We'll see. Lots of new continents coming. " (07-15-04)
  • Tower Hack Times

Rewards Requests

  • Defensive CEP/BEP

Cert Requests

  • More certs
    • Counter-Hacking (had future plans for this) (AGN: Ask the Devs)
    • New mines (had ideas for magnetic mines that latched to vehicles) (AGN: Ask the Devs)
      • Anti-personnel-only mines
      • Anti-vehicle-only mines

Vehicle Requests

  • Squad/Group-only Spawn at AMS (under consideration)
  • Customizing weapons for other vehicles like the BFR
    • Samhayne: "The cool thing about BFRs is the systems that came into PlanetSide to support them, including hit locations and weapon system load outs. So more use of those existing systems is looking good for the future of PlanetSide. So more use of those existing systems is looking good for the future of PlanetSide. (Stratics Chat, 10-2004) 
    • Samhayne: "As we have stated before, we want to use these systems (such as swappable weapon hard points and hit locations) for other vehicles and aspects of PlanetSide. It also means we can expand the BFRs with new features pretty well. Although, since we have just done a lot of BFR stuff by bringing them in, we want to focus on a few other areas before spending a lot of time on them again. So, not in the very near term but stay tuned.   (Stratics Chat, 11-2004)

Equipment/Implant Requests

  • Grenade slot (under consideration - possibly negated with 3 per-clip change)

Outfit Requests

  • Meeting/Outfit Halls (under consideration)
  • Outfit Towers
  • Outfit-specific vehicles and equipment (like Outfit Cruisers)
  • See enemy outfit names
    • Sporkfire: Doesn't see why we couldn't have it, will have to check with the programmers. (AGN: Ask the Devs)
  • XML feed from MyPlanetside for outfits and fansites
    • Hammerfel: "XML feeds I can do. I'll get that going after we get our new Content Management System in (might be a month or two before that's done). Enhancements to MyPlanetSide are something I'm very interested in, but they take engineering resources, which are in high-demand, company-wide. I'll see what I can do, though. (03-19-2004)
  • Ability to assign permissions to outfit ranks


- - Requests: Pending Discussions or Potential Future Addition

 ( will move appropriate items to "In Development," "Under Consideration," or "Not Planned," as they are addressed.)

Gameplay Requests

  • More Command Ranks
  • MP3 player
  • Customizable GUI
  • Garages
  • Advertise more
  • Matrix Panel at Vehicle Pads
  • Some kind of supply line system
  • Zones or Areas of Control/Influence to fight over
  • Support Ranks
  • Core Combat Improvements
    • Make secondary structures more like surface towers
    • Maps less confusing (visual aids for ramps, blocked paths, safe passage, etc)
    • IFF locks on doors
  • Toggle for "Player Menu" prompt
  • Option to truncate Kill Spam to Name [ Weapon ] Target XP-amount
  • Option to truncate Capture Spam to [Empire Icon] Facility Name
  • Option to remember last character used when loggin on.
  • Option to reduce amount of text messages in stat window (i.e. surge activated, surge deactivated)
  • New Launchpad: display empire specific graphics, animations in some way, etc.

Developer Interaction Requests

  • Forum Topic Titles: reduce the number of characters-per-word so that one extremely long word doesn't screw up the forums.

Rewards Requests

  • Tower XP (with Hack timer)

Command Requests

  • Stop the /global abuse
  • More organizational structures (companies, divisions, etc)
  • See Squad members’ certs
  • Mission/Objectives generator or waypoints
  • Command Centers or War Rooms
  • Auto-binding squad to single spawn point
  • Battle maps appearing on Radar map
  • Audible Sound when you are promoted to Squad Leader
  • Do something about the CR5 surplus please
  • Make CR5 backpack the CUD to free up pistol slot.
  • Command Vehicle (mobile CUD)
  • Ability to select a lieutenant or sergeant of a squad, to lead if/when you leave squad, log off, or crash
  • Recon drone
  • Command Grief Points

Cert Requests

  • More empire-specific certs
  • Add Base-specific certs
  • Periodic Total Recerts
  • Place spitfires indoors
  • Spec-ops stuff like demolition, tripwires, etc.
  • Reverse cert costs of support certs (2 for Hack, 3 for Advanced Hack, etc)
  • Allowing some EMP-resistant deployables
  • Allowing a total number of ACE's overall to be placed rather than a few of each type or allow more of each type
  • Thermal, Lifesign, Radio, or EM detection abilities in addition to Darklight
  • Decrease Re-cert Timer from 24 hours
  • Special Class abilities when you learn specific certs
  • MAX balance improvements
  • See my deployables on the map in a different color
  • More cert options and equipment for Engineers, Hackers, and Medics
  •  Allow adv-hackers to get enemy equipment from terminals
  • MAX running icon to appear in lower corner of HUD, like crouching

Vehicle Requests

  • AMS deployment proximity indicator
  • Allow shooting small arms from vehicles
  • Empire-specific stuff
  • Common pool medium tank
  • Improve Sunderer's weaponry
  • Space Expansion
  • Massive Airships or cruisers
  • Make galaxy/transports more popular to ride
  • Lodestar carry two light vehicles
  • Minesweeper/Engineer vehicle
  • Fuel/NTUs affect vehicle range
  • Galaxy Quick-load feature (zip-lines, etc)
  • 4+ MAX Transport
  • Ancient Tech Empire-specific vehicles
  • Base-specific vehicles
  • Ancient Tech MAXs and weapons
  • Repair Animation for Lodestars!
  •  Mobile Deployable Base (terminals, defenses, etc)
  • Curb wasteful Bailing from aircraft (used as cheap transportation).
    • Sporkfire: A better idea is to encourage other transport options rather than discourage Mosquito use. (Ask the Devs, June)

Equipment/Implant Requests

  • Rotate inventory items (like medpacks)
  • Machine-gun type weapons (crew-served suppression weapons)
  • Vehicle-towed weapons
  • Different types of mines for vehicles and troops
  • HA requiring Rexo
  • Boomer chain-reactions
  • ACE auto-equip after Boomer detonated
  • Armor kits
  • Camo 
  • Flashbang grenades
  • Support MAXs
  • Mortars
  • Indoor Cameras or security rooms 
  • More Ancient Tech weapons and equipment
    • CriticalMass: Talked about it. Think we can do it. Nothing has been scheduled yet. (Ask the Devs, June)
    • Sporkfire: Is keeping the team aware of the community's desire for more handheld weapons. (Ask the Devs, June)
  • Base-specific weapons and equipment (e.g. Bio lab - adv medical equipment)
  • "Drop current item" key

Outfit Requests

  • Outfit Audit: tracking of invites, kicks, promotions
  • In-game email/message boards
  • Outfit training grounds
  • More unique decals
  • Anonymous settings for online status, hide outfit name, and block outfit invites.


- - Requests: General/Non-specific Requests asked Regardless of Changes...or Because of Them

Gameplay Requests

  • Buff my empire
  • Nerf the other empires
  • Buff my favorite cert
  • Balance everything
  • Encourage more tactics
  • Put whatever was changed back the way it was
  • Bring back feature that was in Beta
  • Reduce the Zerg
  • Squash Bugs
  • Make things more cheap (cert-wise)

Developer Requests

  • Answer my important thread/issue
  • Faster updates
  • More updates

Cert, Vehicle, Equipment Requets

  • More, more, more, more, more.


- - Requests: Not Planned or not Currently Plannedas far as we know

  • Prone
    • Smokejumper: Issues included the number of new animations to build for each armor and every weapon, concerns that it slows down the game, etc. (09-09-2003)
    • Hayoo: The archived forums were removed and I had to paraphrase.
  • Headshots -
    • Sporkfire: "The biggest concern here is game balance. We like having snipers, but they stand to be far too powerful with a headshot/instant kill. Not to mention the potential need for a rewrite of hitbox code." (04-07-2004)
  • More favorites
    • Sporkfire, 1st page - "Increasing the number of favorites is something that we have always wanted to do. In fact, I have lobbied for it on several occasions. It may come to be someday. However, for the time being, we have some technical limitations (basically, database resources that are in high-demand across the company) that prevent us from being able to do it right now. But if and when we are able, we'll let you know. (03-31-2004)
  • REK/BANK/etc permanently attached
  • Nighttime -
    • Sporkfire: "I don't think you've ever heard 'no, never' on this. But it's not being considered anytime soon." (04-07-2004)
    • T_Ray: "The problem isn't with making it dark out side. We can do that right now. The problem comes when we need to give you guys all the tools you need to make night time fun. Things like, flashlights, spotlights, headlights on vehicles that actually work, nightvision, etc. Those are the types of things that would kill the frame rate.  If it's acceptable to the customers to create a night time world without all those features then we may be able to create something like that." (06-13-2004)
    • CriticalMass: Has seen T_Ray's efforts to create a Nighttime-Lite. Involves changing fog color to dark gray, changing the world lighting to dark blue, thickening up fog, looks roughly like nighttime, but fog doesn't go above your head so you'd still be seeing a bright blue skydome. Not willing to put it out there as is. Also, gamma adjustments wouldn't help players cheat night. (Ask the Devs, June)
    • Sporkfire: Has also seen the nighttime-lite and doesn't think the community would like it.(Ask the Devs, June)
    • Hayoo: Thanks for trying though, T_Ray.
  • Total Realism (blood, one-shot kills, rag-doll, iron sights, weapon ballistics)
  • God-mode
    • Sporkfire: "I have it. What's wrong with you?" (04-07-2004) LOL
  • Single-Player mode (why, I do not know, but I saw these threads a couple time on the old forums)
    • Sporkfire: "Who would you shoot?" (04-07-2004)
  • NPCs (civilians, refugees)
    • Sporkfire: "We all have different opinions on the team about this. It's not ruled out, though I will admit to not being a huge fan of it."  (04-07-2004)
  • Removing the grief system
  • Access enemy equipment from terminals
  • Eliminating 3rd person view
  • Smoke Grenades
  • Anytime Total Recert
    • Sporkfire: "Personally, I hate this idea. It removes the need to become specialized and skilled in a specific area if you can totally switch configs to fit any situation."  (04-07-2004)
  • Money/Economy
    • Sporkfire: "Economy is too closely tied to power-level, with is fine for an RPG PVE system. In PVP, it skews the battle too far." (04-07-2004)
  • Bearing their children (offered waaaaay too many times)
  • Being offered players’ own children (that’s just terrible…but understandable) 
  • Planetside-Dev Voodoo Doll (out of stock)
  • Ant Bomb (said to be a bug, not a feature)
  • Drain NTUs from a base with an ANT
    • Smokejumper: "[no plans for that] would be too easy to drain a base." (04-07-2004)
  • Faster aircraft:
    • Smokejumper: No plans because it causes that warping effect due to netcode traffic" (AGN: Ask the Devs)
  • Switching gunner's seats within a vehicle
    • CriticalMass: Possible but no plans to change this. Mounting animations were used instead. (Ask the Devs, June)
  • Weather to affect gameply more than it currently does
    • CriticalMass: No plans to do that. (Ask the Devs, June)


6-28-2004 - Updating with requests and answers from June's Ask the Devs.
7-03-2004 - Added ANT request to Pending Discussions
7-06-2004 - Added Smokejumper's comments on Game Events, added a few more requests to Pending Discussions.
7-08-2004 - Moved 'outfit permissions' request from Pending Discussions to Under Consideration
7-12-2004 - Added Forum title request.
7-15-2004 - Added Road tunnels request
9-15-2004 - Beginning tedious task of updating list from 2 months backlog.
10-3-2004 - Updating List
10-15-2004 - Added  to the requests I currently support
11-21-2004 - Updated Lists
1-30-2005 - Updated Lists

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