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General and Equipment Sounds #1
Environmental Sounds
General and Equipment Sounds #2
Vehicle Sounds
Voice Macro Sounds
Weapon Sounds

General and Equipment Sounds

00:00interface error

00:05collisions, hydraulics

01:00flight sounds (wind), collisions, Footsteps, Water steps

02:00Footsteps, armored steps

02:48background hums, generator power downs, implant power, hydraulics

03:20background beeping, background hums, spawn tube hums

04:12doors opening, generator hums, hydraulics, doors opening, door lock sounds

04:50background hum, generator power-up, hydraulic sounds

05:15hacking sound, door lock sound, door sound

05:31background hum, implant terminal sound, background hum

05:50medical terminal sound

06:00recall sound, deconstructing sound

06:05terminal hums, background hums, equipment hums

06:30spawning sound, background hums, warning sounds

06:45spawn tube doors

06:50hydraulic hums, background hums

07:00Vehicle pad sound

07:05background sounds, power sounds

07:15warp-field sound

Environmental Sounds

07:18walking over twigs, animal sounds

07:45wind sounds

08:10bubbling sounds

10:00plopping sounds

10:12background hums, strange haunting sounds

10:55rainfall sounds

11:35wind sounds, wind howling sounds

12:22background equipment hums

12:45wind sounds

13:30wave shore sounds

14:05wind sounds

15:02bubbling sounds

15:05electricalcharge, lightning, thunder

16:15windy, windy grass, whipping wind



19:45extended rumbling, earthquake

20:25trickling water, waves

20:45wind, gusty wind

23:05hollow wind

General and Equipment Sounds

23:15electrical sounds

23:21un-holsteringequipment sounds, turning on, turning off

23:32spawn tube or terminal sound?

23:36equipment sounds

23:40thumping, dropping, collision

23:58power sounds

24:02 HART warning sound

24:04 equipment access, holster sounds

24:12 repairing sounds, holster sounds

24:19 energy sound

24:21 equipment sound

24:24 beeps, equipment beeps, holster sounds

24:34 generator sound

24:37 REK holster sound, REK hacking sound

24:44 motion sensor sound

24:47 equipment sounds, clanking sounds, door sounds, hydraulics

24:56 audio amp sound

25:00 generator humming, background humming

25:19 strange oscillating sound

25:28 personal shield, equipment sound

25:31 machine humming, equipment energy

25:45 implant sounds, surge, implant activation

26:02 hacking sound, beeping, item sound

26:10 explosions, boomer explosions, terminal explosions

26:42 Reaver rocket explosion

26:45 machine hum, explosions

27:00 jammer explosions, explosions

Vehicle Sounds

28:55 aircraft sounds

29:18 vehicle door sounds,

29:22 machine noises

28:30 vehicle motors, vehicle driving, AMS driving, BFR, motor idling

29:44 vehicle doors, sitting

29:50 ANT deployment

29:54 vehicle movement, powering up, driving, motor idling

30:28 exiting vehicle, sitting, entering vehicle

30:52 vehicle driving, idling

31:15 vehicle door sounds

31:30 aircraft sounds

31:56 door sounds, Galaxy ramp sounds, galaxy door sounds

32:30 aircraft sounds, Aircraft door sounds, engine sounds

32:56 aircraft in flight

33:10 aircraft door sounds

33:25 aircraft in flight

33:34 aircraft door sounds

33:40 aircraft in flight

34:06 aircraft door sounds

34:12 Lightning motor sounds

34:24 Lighting door sounds

34:34 Deliverer driving sounds, idling sounds

34:55 vehicle door sounds

35:26 vehicle driving sounds

35:32 vehicle door sounds

35:40 vehicle power-down sound, flyby sound,

35:55 liberator flying sounds

36:20 vehicle door sounds

36:25 aircraft sounds, HART landing

36:43 HART takeoff

37:00 vehicle sound, vehicle door, buggy door

37:18 vehicle driving

37:30 vehicledoor

37:34 ATV motor, idling, driving

37:45 tech vehicle

38:07 vehicle door, buggy door

38:20 vehicle motor

38:38 vehicle door sounds

38:49 techvehicle sounds

38:56 vehicle driving sound, idling

39:08 vehicle door sound

39:17 engine sound, background humming, vehicle engine

39:40 vehicle door sounds

39:50 vehicle engine sounds, idling sound

40:00 vehicle door sounds

40:16 Vanguard engine sounds, idling sound

40:33 machine destruction sound, collision sounds, banging sounds

41:00 footfalls

Voice Macro Sounds

41:08 femaledying sounds, wound sounds, jump sounds

42:06 male dying sounds, wound sounds, jump sounds

43:22 femalebreathing sounds

43:50 male breathing sounds

44:15 female breathing sounds

44:38 male breathing sounds

45:00 female breathing sounds

45:27 male breathing sounds

45:52 female Attack the enemy AMS

46:02 male Attack the enemy AMS

46:10 female Hack their Control Console

46:18 male Hack their Control Console

46:26 female Destroy their deployables

46:35 male Destroy their deployables

46:43 female Destroy their equipment terminal

46:52 male Destroy their equipment terminal

47:00 female Attack their generator

47:08 male Attack their generator

47:15 female Destroy their medical terminals

47:23 male Destroy their medical terminals

47:32 female Destroy their respawn room

47:41 male Destroy their respawn room

47:50 female Attack the spawn room

47:56 male Attack the spawn room

48:02 female Destroy their turrets

48:10 male Destroy their turrets

48:17 female Destroy their vehicle facilities

48:27 male Destroy their vehicle facilities

48:36 female Defend our AMS

48:44 male Defend our AMS

48:51 female Defend the control console

48:59 male Defend the control console

49:07 female Defend our deployables

49:15 male Defend our deployables

49:22 female Defend our equipment terminals

49:31 male Defend our equipment terminals

49:39 female Defend the generator

49:46 male Defend the generator

49:52 female Defend our medical terminals

50:02 male Defend our medical terminals

50:10 female Defend our respawn room

50:19 male Defend our respawn room

50:27 female Defend the spawn room

50:35 male Defend the spawn room

50:40 female Defend our turrets

50:48 male Defend our turrets

50:53 female Defend our vehicle facilities

51:04 male Defend our vehicle facilities

51:14 female We need air cover

51:21 male We need air cover

51:27 female We need cover fire

51:34 male We need cover fire

51:40 female We need a driver

51:47 male We need a driver

51:54 female We need an escort

51:58 male We need an escort

52:04 female We need a gunner

52:09 male We need a gunner

52:14 female We need a hacker

52:19 male We need a hacker

52:25 female We need a medic

52:30 male We need a medic

52:35 female We need passengers

52:42 male We need passengers

52:48 female We need repairs

52:55 male WE need repairs

53:00 female Repair our AMS

53:09 maleRepair our AMS

53:15 female Resecure our control console

53:25 male Resecure our control console

53:34 female Repair our deployables

53:42 male Repair our deployables

53:50 female Repair our equipment terminals

53:59 male Repair our equipment terminals

54:08 female Repair our generator

54:13 male Repair our generator

54:19 female Repair our medical terminals

54:22 ------------------Static-----------------------

63:39 female I’m repairing our respawn tubes

63:46 male I’m repairing our respawn tubes

63:55 female Repairing our spawn tubes

64:04 male Repairing our spawn tubes

64:11 female I’m repairing our our turrets

64:20 male I’m repairing our our turrets

64:26 female I’m repairing our vehicle facilities

64:38 male I’m repairing our vehicle facilities

64:48 female Cover me

64:52 male Cover me

64:56 female Retreat

65:01 male Retreat

65:05 female Fall back

65:10 male Fall back

65:15 female Deploy defenses

65:21 male Deploy defenses

65:27 female Enemy has breached perimeter

65:36 male Enemy has breached perimeter

65:44 female Follow me

65:49 male Follow me

65:53 female Requesting assignment

65:59 male Requesting assignment

66:04 female Spread out

66:09 male Spread out

66:13 female Man a turret

66:18 male Man a turret

66:22 female Move to waypoint

66:28 male Move to waypoint

66:34 female Command declined

66:40 male Command declined

66:46 female You’re welcome

66:50 male You’re welcome

66:53 female Taunt

67:01 male Taunt

67:08 female Cease fire

67:13 male Cease fire

67:18 female I don’t know

67:22 male I don’t know

67:26 female Excellent

67:30 male Excellent

67:35 female Fantastic

67:41 male Fantastic

67:44 female Good shot

67:50 male Good shot

67:54 female Hail

67:56 male Hail

67:58 female Move

68:01 male Move

68:05female No

68:09 male No

68:11 female Quiet

68:14 male Quiet

68:17 female Need reconstruction

68:24 male Need reconstruction

68:31 female Sorry

68:36 male Sorry

68:40 female Thank you

68:45 male Thank you

68:49 female Help

68:52 male Help

68:56 female Hello

68:59 male Hello

69:01 female Stop

69:04 male Stop

69:06 female Yes

69:10 male Yes

69:13 female Taunt2

69:20 male Taun2

69:28 female Incoming enemy aircraft

69:37 male Incoming enemy aircraft

69:45 female Cloaked enemy detected

69:53 male Cloaked enemy detected

70:00 female Incoming MAX units

70:09 male Incoming MAX units

70:17 female Warning, sniper

70:26 male Warning, sniper

70:33 female Incoming troops

70:39 male Incoming troops

70:45 female Inbound enemy vehicles

70:55 male Inbound enemy vehicles

71:04 female All clear

71:09 male All clear

Weapon Sounds

71:15 reload rifle

71:16 Magrider shot

71:17 various weapon sounds

71:22 ricochets

71:41 weaponreloads, weapon fire, BFR weapons

72:33 machine noises, reload, fire

73:05 AMP fire

73:06 weapons fire, reload, drop

74:00 machine noises

74:06 Phalanx turret fire, mounting turret

74:09 Decimator fire

74:13 weapons beep, Pheonix reload, various weapons

74:30 Punisher reload, fire, secondary fire

74:36 various weaponsreload, fire

75:06 12mm

75:12 Jackhammer, various weapons

75:27 flight sounds

75:30 weapons reload, beeping

75:36 Suppressor fire and reload

75:41 various weapons

75:53 weapon in flight

75:57 various weapons

76:03 knife strikes, sounds, hums

76:40 weapons sounds, MAX sounds

77:35 vehicle weapon reload, various weapon sounds

78:33 Thumps, falls, dropped items

78:44 wind rushing, flight sounds

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