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Future of Planetside

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Compilation of Ideas, Improvements, and Wishlists
Source of all entries: "Future of Planetside" Ideas Discussion thread by Bixiebopper

Save Planetside
Core Combat

* Short-term Possible Project: Discussion Thread
* Long-term Possible Project: Discussion Thread
* Added to Planetside or In Development

Save Planetside

  • Provide free Fodder Accounts
  • Advertise the game to gamers (print, TV, net, Happy Meals)
  • Free trials
  • Promotions for vets
  • More payment options
  • Steam or other delivery option

Gameplay Ideas

  • Performance patches
  • * Fix bugs
  • Improve graphics
  • New engine
  • DX9
  • * Replace Health incentives with Respawn incentives
  • * Dynamic rotation of continents
  • Base redesigns
  • Additional objectives
  • Unbend Auraxis
  • * Bring back Oshur
  • Broadcast gates direct to Core
  • More weather
  • Ability to make more cover for infantry
  • Reward for defending Home continents
  • Urban Warfare areas (above ground)
  • Emphasis Empire Stats over Personal Stats
  • Allow players to drag friendlies if authorized
  • Don't let backpacks disappear while being looted

Weapon and Equipment Ideas

  • * Reduce Plasma spam
  • TR MAX lockdown improvements
  • TR AA MAX improvements
  • New weapons or variants
  • Reduce Rexo armor or absorbtion
  • * More deployable types, new mines
  • * Swappable barrels or ammo for wall turrets
  • Tweak Personal Shield stamina drain
  • More implant types
  • Increase drain on implants when jumping
  • Machine-gun type squad support weapon
  • Base-specific weapons
  • * Grenade holster
  • * Support equipment holster

Vehicle Ideas

  • * Remove/Nerf Flight Variant abilities
  • * Make FV 2-man
  • * Make FV vulnerable to AA weaponry
  • Swappable weapons for vehicles
  • Garages to store a few vehicles with their loadouts
  • Empire Specific aircraft
  • Sunderer usefulness improvements
  • Buff assault buggies
  • Prevent pilots from bailing over enemy SOI
  • Buff desireablity of transport vehicles
  • More unique vehicles (ES and CP)
  • Better torque
  • Watercraft
  • * New variants
  • Horn or Engine-revving for vehicle safety
  • Weapons for vehicle gunners only

Command Ideas

  • More RTS aspects or Top-down View
  • Some kind of limits on CR5 spam
  • Ability to "enlist" under a chosen commander
  • * More organizational structures
  • BF2/Tribes 2 style command interface
  • Commander's List
  • * Mission/Task system
  • Ability to select a Lieutenant or Second for leadership assistance

Outfit Ideas

  • * More customization and control: assign rank permissions
  • Outfit Point expenditures
  • Outift Alliances and channels
  • Training areas
  • Visible Outfit Ranks
  • Outfit Leader chat
  • Outfit Audit

Reward Ideas

  • Merits show on MyPlanetside
  • More statistical tracking
  • More Merits tied to rewards
  • Kill assists
  • Merits displayed on vehicles
  • Tie Color Alerts to an extra CEP bonus
  • Monthly Campaign Winners
  • Tower timers and XP
  • Increase Base XP

Cert Ideas

  • Remove Uni-MAX cert
  • Increase cert costs for vehicles
  • Recert timer reduction
  • Cert-bundles generalizes players
  • Swap the Basic and Advanced Hacking cert amounts
  • ANT merits
  • Monthly or Periodic recerts
  • * Virus-upload ability for Hackers

Core Combat Ideas

  • Broadcast gates direct to Caverns
  • Add spawn points similiar to towers
  • IFF locks on doors
  • Instant Action to the Caverns
  • Remove aircraft from caves

Interface Ideas (a few from Idealab)

  • Teamspeak voice indicators
  • Visible hacking progress bar for CCs and IFFs
  • Color-coded REK beams
  • In-game MP3 player
  • Let Adv Medics see location of dead people in 1st person
  • Allow drivers to view trunk or ammo from Vehicle Pane
  • Deployables tracker/counter for CE
  • Viewable Text message under vehicle names
  • AMS deployability icon
  • Visible timer on hacked terminals
  • Health bars for damaged spawn tubes, terminals, and generators
  • View own deployables on map in seperate color
  • View numbered boomers on map
  • HART timer window in sanctuary or timers above building doors
  • Change Squad Bar colors/symbols to show members are in vehicles
  • Vehicle chat
  • Toggle for truncated Kill-spam and Capture-spam messages
  • More Voice Macros (text only)
  • Remove or Toggle GUI Alpha transparencies
  • Toggle for waypoints blocking view
  • See enemy Outfit names
  • Toggle for that Player (talk to, invite, add to friends) Menu
  • "Drop current item" key

Other Ideas

  • More funding for Planetside
  • Hire more programmers and artists
  • Support Stats sites , XML feeds
  • News ticker at HART building
  • Use for Orbital Station (command or outfits, etc.)
  • More attention to MyPlanetside like EQII
  • If the President is going to mention the game lineup in SOE-wide announcements, mention PS too, not just EQ and SWG.
  • Friends list outside of game
  • Add development-related surveys and polls to login or logout
  • Bring back Meeting Halls in Sanctuaries
  • More Game Lore

Other Community Idea Sources:

PS Development Discussion - by the entire PS Community for over a year
The "Cream of the Crop Thread" - by MR_Bloodworth
Planetside Request Tracker
- by Hayoo Database - by Fr1day
Concept Division Forums and Wishlist - by the Idealab community

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