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New Merit Commendations
Rank Salary System
Outfit Awarded Merits

New Merit Commendations

Exploring concepts such as campaign and continent merits.

Campaign Merits

Participant in pre-determined number of base captures on a continent within a specific timeframe.

Example: Solsar Campaign Merit - Qualification - 8 Base Captures and/or 4 Resecures on the continent of Solsar within 48 hours.

Cyssor Campaign Merit - Bronze - 12 Base Captures and/or 6 Resecures on the continent of Cyssor within 48 hours.

Continent Merits

Participant in pre-etermined number of base captures on continents of a climate type. No time limit.

Example: Desert Fox Merit - Bronze - 50 Base Captures and/or 25Resecures on Solsar, Ishundar, or Desolation.

Arctic Warrior Merit - Silver - 120 Base Captures and/or 50 Resecures on Esamir, Ceryshen, or Nexus.

Reward: Silver Merit winners are awarded a slightly faster speed bonus on the specific climate/terrain type or a climate-specific vehicle (e.g. a Snowmobile ATV variant).

Rank Salary System

The Rank Salary system is designed to augment the current Certification system, and give more incentive, variety, and versitility to attaining rank. The concept is that every two ranks a player's paid salary increases. And this salary can be used to purchase supplies and extras from a goods terminal (which has its own power supply) apart from equipment terminals which run off the base generator.

To avoid the issue of the rich getting richer we include dynamic restrictions.

Imagine each avatar has a certain data-threshold within their matrix. That each matrix holds their rank, cert, implant, and inventory data, basically their entire existence within Auraxis. At low rank, a soldier's matrix would certainly look a little empty, which would gradually fill as they became more experienced.

Now lets take this model and say that whatever empty space is left becomes storage for a credit system to store a soldier's salary. At low rank a player may have a small salary, but they can hold quite a bit of it. At high rank, a player may have a high salary, but with all that cert and implant data, he can only carry so much at a time.

And so we now have a system where salary is paid in cycles according to rank, and the amount stored is also determined by rank, but the amount decreases as you rise rather than increases.

But what sort of things can you purchase with this salary? Generally only ammo and supplies to help you in the field.

At no time will you use these goods terminals to purchase weapons or vehicles, whether you are certed for them or not. This system does, however, allow for some fun extras to be added. The salary system is most useful when equpiment terminals are offline or destroyed. The goods terminals will continue to function unless destroyed themselves but these can be repaired...or hacked.

A Goods Terminal is located in the Lobby and Lounge of each base or in an Urban Outpost.

From these terminals you can purchase ammunition and grenades for your weaons:

You can purchase add-ons for your weapons, some for display, others for slight benefit in exchange for a weapon penalty. It should be noted that the weapon add-ons are exlusive to the player who purchased them and cannot be traded or looted, but will vanish upon death.

You can purchase support equipment such as binoculars, BANKs, and oxygen:

You can purchase medical supplies, one-shot stims, and extra storage packs:

And for fun you can add throwing pies, fireworks, and various clothing to customize your appearance regardless of rank.

The Rank Salary system can also be used as a tactical reward, such as a bonus given when a Merit is achieved, or if a continent is captured, or other combat objectives worthy of reward.

And because the salary is used generally for re-supply, it does not give higher ranks a combat advantage over lower ranks.

More details on the Rank Salary system and its development can be viewed here.

Outfit Awarded Merits

Exploring ability for Leaders to award outfit merits.

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