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New Feature Suggestion: Command Squads by ZeusPrime 03-14-2004.

Very good command ideas with contributions from other players.

You can view the original 01-08-2004 thread and the 03-15-2004 revised version on the old archived forums .

Main concept page on Idealab can be found here.

Planetside Idea Lab by Hayoo posted 02-04-2004 at

Thread runs from 02-04-2004 thru 02-01-2005

Development and Work-in-Progress thread for Idealab concepts.

Featured Wishlist Forum Posts

Planetside's Navy 2.0 by Ludorious posted 03-22-2004 (latest version)

Heavily detailed ideas for Naval Warfare in Planetside.

Also check out the Lots of Ideas for New Content V.3.0 and Ludorious's original Planetside Navy threads on the old forums here and here.

Real Rewards by SilentSparrow posted 10-10-2003 (archived forums)

Excellent ideas on player badges and medals for kills, actions, survival, and other aspects of Planetside

The Max Buggy!! by Echoblast posted 08-28-2003(archived forums)

Interesting idea on a buggy that a MAX can mount to become a weapons platform.

Ultra-Heavy Weapons (w/ Concept Art) by Degenatron posted 09-16-2003 (archived forums)

Ideas for Empire-specific suppression weapons.

Squad HUD Ideas by Hayoo posted 10-13-2003 (archived forums)

Suggested improvements for squad awareness. Contains concept art as well.

Further discussions on Idealab forums.

Deployable Emplacements by Hayoo posted 10-04-2003 (archived forums)

Ideas on deployable foxholes and field posts to aid infantry in defending terrain around, and away from, facilities and chokepoints. Features concept art.

Current Idealab concept can be found here and here.

Empire Tech Levels by Hayoo posted 09-18-2003 (archived forums)

Ideas on ways to make the War have meaning and give Empires and Outfit goals to reach. Includeds concepts on Levels, Resource Points, Urban Areas, and more.

Current Idealab concept can be found here.

Tech, Advanced Tech, and Comtech Certs by Hayoo posted 01-07-2004 (archived forums)

New Support Certification ideas, described in some detail.

Current Idealab concept can be found here.

Featured Development Forum Posts

In-Concept Features: A Visual Guide by Hayoo posted 01-09-2004 (archived forums)

Diagram illustrating the Official Site's In-Concept features.

Random thoughts on issues by Hayoo posted 01-05-2004 (archived forums)

Article discussing gameplay issues affecting Planetside and possible improvements for them.

Other Featured Posts

An Idea by Kaikou posted 02-14-2004 at

Ideas for a system of capturable nodes on continents that allows base hacks to take place and get more players to fight in the open terrain.

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