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A WIP concept for alternative Outfit Base Ownership and utilization that's fair for gameplay and all outfits.

Currently working on Base selection demo

Public Medic Rez bar

Outfit Barracks: Persistant outfit-owned bases in Sanctuary, safe from attack, that provide outfit perks but require upkeep.

Outfit Headquarters: Up to 10 outfits may headquarter themselves at a facility or tower, which provides temporary defense upgrades.

Wait for Respawn

Outfit Concepts Flash Demo (WIP)

Outfit Management Improvements: Increased management options and outfit features. Details here.

Descriptions and Details for Outfit Barracks and Outfit Headquarters can now be found on the Idealab Forums.

Outfit HQ Upgrades
Base upgrades

Outfit Management Interface
Outfit Management Interface


Outfit Management Interface

Outfit and Unit Rank Decals


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