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Vehicle/Heavy Equipment Certs:
1) Field Assault (Towable Equipment)

Support Certs:
1) Engineering Upgrade (NTU transfer ability)
2) Combat Engineering Upgrade (Emplacements)
4) Technician a.ka. Hacking Upgrade (renamed and upgraded)
5) Advanced Technician (Adv Tech)
6) Communications Technician (ComTech)
7) Adv Medic (Medevac vehicle)

You can discuss the new support certs here and here.

Weapons/Heavy Equipment Certifications:

Field Assault

Cert Equipment: Towable equipment
Role: Field Support
Prerequisite: Assault Buggy or Ground Transport
Cert Cost: 1 cert

1) Allows a player to acquire and operate the different types of towable weapons and equipment.

2) Types include: Storage unit, Radar unit, Communications unit, AA gun, 90mm cannon, and 155mm artillery (Deliverer only).

Support Certifications:

Engineering (Upgrade)

Added Cert Equipment: NTU transfer mode on Nano Dispenser
Role: Mechanic, Repairs
Prerequisite: None
Cert Cost: 2 certs

1) Adds a secondary fire mode to Nano-dispensers that allows NTU transfer.

2) Allows a player to transfer NTUs from power cells in their inventory directly into an base, tower, vehicle capacitor, or AMS.

a) NTUs form as powercells in the trunk of an ANT when is is drawing the nanites from a Warpgate.

b) These powercells are in 4x5 boxes. This allows them to be transported to the front but still require an Engineer to transfer them from the cases to it's intended target.

More on NTU feature.

Combat Engineering upgrade

Added Cert Equipment: Entrenching Tool (Terrain Reformating Device: TRED), Combat Engineering Vehicle
Added Role: Field Defense
Prerequisite: Engineering
Cert Cost: 3 certs

1) Maintains the ability to place ACE deployables.

2) Allows a player to acquire a Combat Engineering Vehicle free, to set up the different types of support emplacements.

3) Types include: 12mm machinegun nest, radar post, command post, med station, supply post, landing tarmac, lookout post, and ground monitoring station. See Emplacements WIP thread for more details.

Technician - formerly known as"Hacking"

Cert Equipment: REK
Added Role: Operate sophisticated electronics
Prerequisite: None
Cert Cost: 2 certs

1) Cert becomes a prerequisite for the Advanced Hacking, Communication Technician, and Adv. Technician Certs.

Advanced Technician, a.k.a. AdvTech

Cert Equipment: ACEs, vehicle System Upgrade modules
Role: Electronics expert

Prerequisite: Technician
Cert Cost: 3 certs

1) Allows players to use the ACE to place alarms (such as door alarms, trip alarms, outside or in bases to give local audio warnings of intruders).

2) Allows players to acquire and install implant modules for vehicles (acquired at an equipment terminal) such as a temporary speed boost (by a few KPH) at the cost of a little vehicle health.

These temporary performance boost modules also take up a large box of trunk space but they wear out after a certain amount of time and disappear completely if the vehicle is destroyed.

Boosts recharge slowly but if completely drained, the module deconstructs from the vehicle trunk and must be reinstalled again by an advanced tech.

Communications Tech, a.k.a. ComTech

Cert Equipment: Communications Device
Role: Gather and relay information.
Prerequisite: Technician
Cert Cost: 3 certs

1) Allows you to listen in on un-encoded local enemy command chats

2) Allows you to Encode OR Scramble local friendly command chats. You can only encode or scramble at a given time, not both at once. You take the chance of them hearing your leader's commands or discovering his location as he chats.


- Encoded chat = You can't read what was said.
- Scrambled chat = You can't spot location of speaker.

3) Allows you to pinpoint location of enemy commanders as they broadcast if their chat channels aren’t scrambled by a Comtech. However, you can’t use comtech cert abilities if you are the Squad Leader yourself.

4) Allows you to assign targets to automated turrets one at a time, which will fire on targets until out of range or target is destroyed. Kinda like calling in artillery.

5) Allows you to view respawn timers for all squad members so he can tell commanders when they will be available again. (with the upcoming ability to chat while respawning, this feature will most likely be retired or shared among the squad).

6) Allows Comtech to remotely view HART timer wherever he is.

7) Ability to create airstrike waypoints only seen by commanders and empire pilots no matter the squad they belong to.

Adv Medic

Cert Equipment: Guardian Medical Vehicle
Added Role: Battlefield Medical Support
Prerequisite: Medic
Cert Cost: 3 certs

- Allows a player to acquire the Guardian Medevac Vehicle for free, useful for extracting wounded troops quickly from the battlefield into the vehicle or to a nearby Medical Station. The vehicle must have passenger space free to revive troops. MAX units revive from where they fell.


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