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Original Urban Outpost Concept: Territory-based

Until this section s back up, you can read these posts on the idea from varous threads:

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Old Urban Area (Urban Outpost) Building Descriptions

Admin (Control Console) Building:

  • Houses the Admin Terminal that governs control over the territory. If the outpost only has one building, then this terminal is located in the Supply Depot, of which each zone always has one.
  • This building may also house other types of terminals like a News, Zone Status, or Outfit terminals if the devs see fit to add such things.

Supply Depot:

  • Garage for holding stored vehicles, captured vehicles, or special vehicles provided by Empire Tech Levels. The garage is arranged like the Tech Plant vehicle area, except on ground level.
  • Equipment Terminals that only provide Agile and Suppressor level equipment if no connection to a friendly supply line exists. Otherwise they allow MA, HA, SA, AV, etc.
  • Lockers for storing weapons and equipment.
  • Repair Silo that only functions if a connection to a friendly supply line exists. I'm debating whether this requires connection to a benefit-linked base.
  • Zone Radar, as describe previously, covers zone airspace.
  • Admin Terminal room, if no Admin Building is present.
  • Landing Pads, large enough for a galaxy to land safely and take on vehicles.

Generator Building:

  • Generator Terminal - if this is hacked, it temporarily diables the radar, repair silo, heavy equipment from equipment terminals, ntu silo, and garage. Comes back online after timer. Hack indicator does not show up till a few minutes later.
  • Generator Core - if destroyed, same effect as hacking generator but elements stay down till repaired. Power-out indicator immediately shows up on map.
  • An urban area (a.k.a Outpost) does not require NTUs to function, only a working genrator and, for some equipment, a link back to a base or capitol.

Production Plant:

  • Steadily produces resource points that get shunted back through a secure supply line to increase Empire Tech Levels.
  • This building can be made up to look like a mine, manufacturing plant, hydroponics plant, food processing plant, mineral processing, gas manipulation, energy research, etc.

Maglev Station:

  • Maglev loading ramp allows vehicles to enter train
  • Maglev boarding area allows players to enter train
  • Lockers for storing weapons and equipment

Possible location for goods terminals

View details on the Maglev concept

Maglev Render by Kusutto

Generic Building shell:

  • Can be more than one.
  • Usually two stories tall with balconies, perhaps with catwalks to buildings across the road, etc.
  • Locations for unique environments to fight in such as a medical station with med terminals, or a lounge, or even a bathroom setting (True Lies bathroom battle anyone?)
  • Possible location for goods terminals. These terminals do not run out of power, can be hacked, and provide an alternate source of basic equipment such as ammo, medkits, stimpaks, engi juice, med juice, etc. Kind of like a PX store in a box. To be used with a proposed rank salary system.

Disclaimer: it should be noted that the idea name is altered from Urban Areas to Urban Outposts; and the concept itself is changed back from hack-anywhere to adjacent-hack only model, due to later conversations with FeckinOtter in the Field Battles thread.


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