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Ancient Tech Energy Improvements
Aurora Weaponry Improvements
New Vehicle Variants in Development
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New Conglomerate Weapon Upgrades: UPDATED
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Counctil Alert - August 12, 2004

Gravimetric readings from below the caverns show that the core density of Auraxis is fluctuating at a higher rate than is typical, and since we still don't know why or how these fluctuations occur, we're unsure whether this activity will result in surface phenomenon. Please be aware and warn your troops to watch for activity. If such activity occurs, please report it immediately.

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Ancient Tech Energy Improvements - July 19, 2004

"Good news, fighters for the future! Our study of the Cavern power-flows has led us to new knowledge letting us advance our Sovereignty's unique technologies.

These new advances are available immediately, of course, and the warpgate shunt patterns have already been encoded into the streams so you can use them right away."
  • MAX Armor
    MAX armor now has its own damage table. Most weapons will do the same damage that they did to the MAX as they did under the previous table, with two exceptions: The Decimator and Proximity mines.

    The Decimator's damage against MAX armor has been reduced. It will now require three shots to destroy a MAX unit (though the New Conglomerate's shield will provide enough coverage to extend this slightly).

    Proximity Mines will no longer destroy MAXes in one explosion. MAX armor will be able to survive a blast from a mine, but will be heavily damaged.
  • Quasar
    The Quasar's ammo capacity has been increased to 120 rounds in a clip. Update: Its ammo box has been increased to 60 rounds. Decreased Quasar damage degradation, so damage falloff is less severe. Shots fired in secondary AP mode will now consume only one round of ammo instead of two.
  • Comet
    The Comet's projectile speed has been increased by 50%.
  • Galaxy
    The Galaxy's 20mm Chainguns will now fire 50% faster.

    Damage Degradation
    The Vanu Sovereignty's Energy Cell ammo has had its damage degradation changed so that the projectile damage will not begin until further in its path.

View the VS Council Transmission to learn more.

Aurora Weaponry Improvements - June 7, 2004

VS ArmsTech annonced the Aurora's Fluxpod clip has been increased from 6 shots to 12 shots. Salvo size is still 6 shots, but there is now a 3-second delay between salvos of 6 shots in secondary fire mode. Damage to infantry and

armor will be slightly lowered, though damage to infantry over 10 seconds is now increased, due to the increased clip size. Its damage against aircraft has been substantially increased.

New Vehicle Variants in Development - April 27, 2004

Working in tandem with rogue arms contractor Common Pool Systems Inc. (CPS), Vanu ArmsTech has been developing variant weapon systems from existing vehicles. The first to be enhanced

is the Deliverer, a successful product by CPS, designed to haul 1 driver, 2 gunners, and 3 passengers around the battlefield and across bodies of water, armed with two deadly 20mm recoiless cannons. VS ArmsTech has since removed the 20mm off a prototype shell and developed a new weapons system they are calling the Aurora.

Says CPS spokesman Mr. V. W. Sporkfire, "The Vanu Sovereignty has developed the Aurora, which is equipped with two Flux Pod Launchers, a weapon with similar effects to the Flux Cannon, but with an indirect arc of fire. The Flux Cannon features a secondary mode that launches a salvo of pods in rapid succession, emptying the weapon's clip and raining destruction on the enemy."

A second common pool vehicle, the Basilisk ATV, is having it's dual 12mm guns replaced with the Hellfire Rocket Launcher. The new vehicle variant is being called the Fury. Spokesman Sporkfire comments, "The Hellfire is a fixed-forward firing rocket, so aiming it is a matter of steering the Fury until the reticule is over the target. Although it cannot pivot from side to side, the Hellfire can aim up or down."

Spies have reported the TR and NC are also developing their own empire-specific variants, but the Inner Circle refuses to say whether they will pose any threat to our glorious forces.

View VS R&D Transmission to learn more.

Empires Reorganize Continents with Capitols - April 10, 2004

Edict from the Vanu Sovereignty Council: Possibly in direct relation to our advances, the Terrain Republic has re-organized their continental holdings, designating Capitol Buildings on each landmass to help govern their war efforts.

We have learned that the New Conglomerate High Forum has also enacted similar re-administration of their strategic holdings, designating Sub-captiol Buildings to safeguard these new high-value targets. However, we have the advantage in having created Force Dome technology to protect our Capitols. The enemy's fall will only be a matter of time as their Capitols sit undefended.

Update: Our scientists have made another breakthrough with the enabling of Broadcast Warpgates and hard-linking them directly to our Capitol Buildings. Unfortunately this Warp Gate alteration has effected the gates that the enemy possesses as well. We have also learned that the TR and NC have stolen our Force Dome technology, twisting it to their own sick agendas. We must have it back. Secure their Capitols for ourselves, restore the Vanu's Path to Evolution. Technology Equals Might!

View VS Council Transmission to learn more.


Vanu Sovereignty Weapon Upgrades: UPDATED - February 11, 2004

Harnessing the raw innovative talents of their enlightened minds, Vanu Sovereignty R&D weapons designers went back to the drawing board on several of the combat systems gifted to us by the mighty Ancients. With their guiding hand, evolution will be served. Witness the instruments of our final victory and ascension.

Reinforced Exosuit - Increased armor and damage absorbtion.
Vehicle handling improvements

  • ANT: Substantial improvement to gear ratio.
  • Basilisk: Slight improvement to gear ratio.
  • Wraith: Slight improvement to gear ratio.
  • Harasser: Substantial improvement to gear ratio, increased top speed to 80 kph.
  • Skyguard: Substantial improvement to gear ratio, increased top speed to 80 kph.
  • Thresher: Substantial improvement to gear ratio, decreased collision damage.
  • Deliverer: Slight improvement to gear ratio, decreased collision damage.
  • Lightning: Increased top speed to 75 kph.
  • Galaxy: Increased top speed to 85 kph.

Decimator - Recertified into the Anti-Vehicle weapons catagory.
Lasher - Clip size increased from 20 to 25. Reload time down from 4 to 3 seconds.
Lancer - Reduced COF while turning. Projectile speed increase.
MAX (all) - COF reduced when using jumpjets.
Mines - Proximity mines do 50% more vehicle damage.
Hand Grenades - Will now ship in clips of 3 each.
Implants - R&D is looking to improve implant systems.

  • Stamina drain from the Range Magnifier and Enhanced Targeting implants has been removed.
  • The stamina drain on the Personal Shield implant has been decreased to approximately one third. Damage still reduces the shield on a one-for-one stamina cost. This change only reduces the cost of leaving it on.
  • Advanced Regeneration and Advanced Targeting have been renamed to Regeneration and Enhanced Targeting.

Ammo Boxes - Inventory adjustments in the works.

  • Lancer ammo increased from 6 to 18 shots per box
  • Rocklet ammo increased from 6 to 15 shots per box
  • Thumper ammo increased from 6 to 12 shots per box
  • Bolt driver ammo increased from 5 to 10 shots per box
  • Hand grenades come in clips of 3
  • Shotgun shells reduced from 30 to 16 shots per box
  • Basalisk 12mm clip size decreased from 250 to 100
  • Harrasser 12mm clip size decreased from 250 to 150
  • Lightning 12mm clip size decresed from 250 to 150
  • Mosquito 12mm clip size decreased from 250 to 150
  • Deliverer 20mm clip size decreased from 250 to 100
  • Magrider PPA clip size dcreased from 250 to 150
  • Liberator 25mm clip size decreased from 250 to 150
  • 150mm ammo decreased from 100 to 50 per box
  • 20mm ammo increased from 100 to 200 per box
  • 12mm ammo increased from 100 to 300 per box
  • Liberator bomb ammo increased from 10 to 20 per box
  • 25mm ammo increased from 100 to 150 per box
  • Flux cannon ammo increased from 50 to 150 per box

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updated 2-11-2004

Logistical Restrictions Initiated - February 6, 2004

To safeguard the resources of the empire for future operations against the tyrants and barbarians, the Vanu Soveriegnty Council ordered a limit on logistical support to troops advancing into the continents. Commanders are now restricted to a maximum number of personnel and equipment they may transfer through the gates to each continent. While the Technolords acknowledge this will allow the other empires to field at least as large a fighting force as ours, commanders are confident their combat flexibility will maintain any tactical advantage on the battlefield.

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