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GALAXY MK II: Supply Crate/ Cargo Drop Feature

    • Type: Supply Crate
      • Timer length of 12 min
      • Armor = 1600
      • Access panel on either side
      • Provides:
        • Agile, Infiltrator, Rexo armor
        • No MAX armor
        • Ammunition
        • Support equipment
        • Vehicle ammo
1. Loading: A galaxy pilot acquires a Supply Crate from an Air Pad. The pilot must have an empty cargo bay. Once acquired, this crate becomes the property of the pilot and all use is tracked for the pilot like a support vehicle (support xp, assists, merit count, etc.)

2. Equipment Terminal: When the crate is stored in the Galaxy, the aircraft becomes a functional Equipment Terminal which can be accessed on either side of the Galaxy's cargo bay and from the ramp when the aircraft is on the ground. Vehicles will not be able to enter the Galaxy while a crate is loaded.

3. Supply Drop: Using a belly camera, click "B", the Pilot can hotdrop the crate from the cargo bay to the ground, where it can be access by ground personnel and vehicles.

A green or red circle will indicate if the crate can be dropped in that location. Crates cannot be dropped within 100m of another crate.

4. Resupply: While on the ground away from the Galaxy, the supply crate acts as both an equipment and vehicle re-arm terminal. The main restriction is that MAX armor (and perhaps BFR ammo?) may not be acquired from the crate.

5. Recover: Before the timer runs out, a galaxy pilot can load the crate back into the cargo bay by hovering over it with the belly cam and hitting the "G" key.
If dropped again, the crate timer continues its previous countdown.
Once the timer runs out, the crate deconstructs.

6. Placement:

Crates cannot be dropped within 100m of one another
Crates cannot be be dropped on roads, bridges, or otherwise act as barriers.
Crates cannot be dropped on roofs, but might be dropped into courtyards for resupply

7. Risks:
  • Supply Crates can be hacked by the enemy.
  • Crates can be destroyed.
  • Crates deconstruct when timers run out.

8. Comparison:

  • to Lodestar - Cannot repair or carry vehicles, only rearm, timed use
  • to AMS - Cannot spawn troops, only rearm, timed use
  • to Towers - Can be destroyed, cannot spawn, cannot provide MAX armor

9. Other updates:

  • Increase speed to 98kph, acceleration rate and afterburner remains unchanged.
  • View trunk button, for pilot


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